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7 December: Christmas market in Milan

Milan celebrates Sant’Ambrogio for a long weekend off

November is the month of transition where our minds are already facing preparations for the most beautiful party of the year: Christmas! And the long weekend of Sant’Ambrogio is a good opportunity to enjoy a holiday trip in the capital of Milan. The city of Milan is getting prepared . Some decorations are already hanging, some  others are ready but waiting for the starting up!!!! All cities are wonderful when they are on holiday, the atmosphere becomes really warm and welcoming, everything is so impressive! Milan wants to welcome you with its many colors:  windows are tinted red, bows and ribbons ready to lure you and you cannot help but linger and enjoy the splendor that surrounds and involves you.

Visiting Milan in December also means visiting the famous fair of Sant'Ambrogio! This is a Cult for Milanese people: a nice and traditional Christmas market with its beautiful handcrafts, which you can use for your Christmas and reuse for years to come, and a Must for tourists, for travelers who want to experience the city like a true Milanese.

In Milan the feast of Sant’Ambrogio  was born on December 7, several years ago (7 of December 1510) from the ancient dialect exclamation  of children, (Oh Bej! Oh Bej! Translation: how beautiful !) When Mr. Castiglione on behalf of  Pope Pio IV,  began to distribute sweets and gifts along the streets. Since then the market has become a Milanese tradition over the centuries: from 7 of  December (until the following Sunday) on Foro Bonaparte, on the road along Castello Sforzesco, stalls offer a wonderful show with a real Christmas market (and not only!): gifts, souvenirs, objects to be placed under the Christmas tree, stockings of the Epiphany: find a little bit of everything !!!!

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A nice walk along the street market in Milan will be an interesting journey in the city; there are our comfortable apartments for rent located in those central areas that lit up to create a very impressive atmosphere. It 's a beautiful exhibition that winds through the streets of the historic city center. It is also a good opportunity to visit the famous Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, one of the oldest churches in Milan. You can also visit the museum open from 10 to 12 and in the afternoon from 1430 to 1730. In the chapel the mess is also celebrated in Latin.

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