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Must see in Milan

Boat Tours on the canals in Navigli

You’re on holiday in Milan. If you want to dive into a romantic tour with your partner or go around with your children and family , visit the canals in a really charming way.

The canals in Milan, in a completely new and renovated area, are a part of the ancient city that reveals the past of our ancestors in river courses which once fished in the clear. Today, reopened and useable, allowing a beautiful sailing under cover and not, about an hour, comfortably seated and speaking guide also available. Being on holiday in Milan does not happen every day. With this tour you can see from  the water the old tenements carefully restored in harmony with the landscape, you can enjoy the bars and restaurants that have often maintained their original structure and return to the old recipes of the past remixed and re-adapted to the present day: you will admire the shops of trades that want to show their almost disappeared but unique craftsmanship, you will notice along the banks wonderful works of art, exhibitions of the ancient city of Milan, the famous Vicolo delle Lavandaie where once the women went to wash clothes and is now  subject of priceless reproductions.

During the weekend  the canals host a teeming market where you can find antiques, paintings, prints, books, unique house items.  If you want to combine special and interesting purchases to a boat trip and in the end spend a romantic dinner in a historic restaurant or just a drink  , this is the tour for you. Remember to make a reservation !For reservations and schedule information visit the website and for reservations online For more info and calendar dates .

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