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Travel Tips and City Guide: Milan

Milan is the socio-economic capital of Italy and traveling to this wonderful city will always be a welcoming experience as the locals are friendly and helpful. As expected, good manners, politeness and learning some Italian words and realizing that you are in a foreign land will always aid you in exploring the city in a more extravagant manner.

Italian language

There is a saying in English; ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. So learning a little bit of Italian to guide you in daily transactions and conversations would be of great help. Italian is pronounced exactly the way it is written and often weight is given on the last letter. A little bit of understanding of Latin is great for reading inscriptions on ancient monuments in museums. It is not a fixed rule that nobody will converse in English. Most of the Milanese can speak English to some extent especially in areas that cater to tourists e.g. restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.

Smoking in Milan

Smoking in public is prohibited in Milan and this is indicated by the no-smoking symbols. However, you are free to drink and smoke in pubs and bars as most Italian are heavy smokers.


Exercise discretion about the place while smoking and do so when you are confident that the people around you are also doing so.

Tipping in Milan

Tipping is quite flexible in Milan as the ‘coperto’ (cover charge)/service charge is automatically added in the bill. However, if you are happy with the service then tipping the staff is acceptable.

Taxi drivers, theatre and cinema usherettes, luggage handlers are also given a token amount as a tip for their services, but you are not compelled to do so.


Milan suffers from bag snatchers and pickpockets who operate on two-wheelers and you will never know what hit you. So take care of your hand luggage, camera and other precious items. Hide expensive items in a manner that they are not easily recognizable from a distance. Also, beware from people offering free services at parking slots or for finding hotels.

When to go

Milan is an all-year round tourist destination. Depending upon which climate zone you originate you may prefer the summer months to the colder winters and for some, any time is fun time.

Winters are not freezing in Milan. So they can be enjoyed by tourists from colder temperate zones with people from warmer zone even this temperature unbearable. Carrying sweaters and jackets during winter travel is a good idea in case you are not accustomed to European winters.


Milan does not experience extreme temperature change with only the summers that the numbers can tilt a little. If rain does not make you feel like sitting at home, then spring is also a perfect time to travel as this is also the rainy season. Otherwise, the best options are to wait for the summers to start.


In Milan it is not cost-effective to use taxis, especially during rush-hours.  As opposed to what happens in other cities, taxis usually don’t stop in the street: it is necessary to go to a marked taxi stop or call one by phone.


  • Taxi Blu phone: 02.4040
  • Yellow Taxi Multiservice phone: 02.6969
  • Radio Taxi: 02.8585

Public transportation

Milan’s public transport runs from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight.  It reaches every corner of the city and comprises a thick network of surface transportation (including buses, filobuses and the old-fashioned, still working trams) as well as an efficient underground network. 
The same ticket can be used on all public transport run by the ATM company, and it can be purchased in every newsstand and tobacconist’s shop (marked by the T sign for “tabacchi”).  Inside the tube are automatic ticket machines.  Tickets cost 1 euro, they must be authenticated at the beginning of the journey (inside a bus/tram or entering the tube) and they last 75 minutes, during which it is also possible to switch means of transportation.

ATM also runs an on-call night bus service which, booked in advance, will pick you up where requested and take you to your chosen destination.  This service is available between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m., except for Christmas day and May 1st.  Bookings are taken at the following number:


Call center, daily between 1 p.m. til 2 a.m.


Milan is almost all flat and therefore perfect for a bike ride.  More and more Milanesi opt for this eco-friendly mean of transportation to commute to work or for a Sunday ride.  Bikes are available for rent or bike-sharing.

Via Ponte Severo 23
Tel.: 02.67072145
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:00 – 13:00; 15:00 – 19:00

BIKE SHARING_Comune di Milano
The bike-sharing service offers citizens and tourists a low-cost access to bycicles within the urban area of Milan, in order to relieve traffic congestion, limit pollution and encourage phisical activity.  Bike-sharing is self service and bycicles can be picked up and dropped off at several gathering places throughout th city.


Scooter rental
For the lazy who don’t want to pedal but want to move fast across the congested city roads, it is possible to rent a scooter.
“Alquiler de escúter y moto ADM”
Via della Moscova 47
Tel.: 02.6570049

Auto rental

Address:Piazza Diaz 6, Milano,20123,
Tel+ 39 02 89010645   

Address: Central station ( STAZIONE CENTRALE)
Tel.: (39) 02 66987826
Fax: (39) 02 66981589


Address Piazza Velasca 5
Tel  02 36 51 13 24